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Genuine Designs, is a Residential Design and Drafting Company

that Specializes in Custom Homes and Community Development.

Established in 2006, by David Sandlass in Brevard, NC.

As a small company, we built our business based on customer service and word of mouth.  We do our best to give our client's the individual attention that they deserve.  While treating every job with equal importance and continually striving to exceed our clients expectations.


With over 800 designed and constructed homes, we have a strong sense of design and construction concepts.  Our diverse range of experience creating various styles of homes across the country, provides us with a unique knowledge base that is a wellspring for creativity.  Working closely with Architects, Engineers and Builders over the years, has provided us with a rare advantage over other design and drafting companies.


Having an accurate plan complete with custom details, cuts down on confusion for everyone involved in the "custom home" process.  Most importantly ensuring that you get exactly what you want at an agreed upon cost and timeframe.  A detailed plan is essential for obtaining accurate builder/contractor estimates and more practical time frames.  Leaving details up to last minute decisions in the field, usually leads to budget issues and often a finished product that differs from your expectations.  


We provide our clients with a thorough set of buildable construction documents to use for contractor bids, bank loans and permits.  We have a reputation for creating accurate, clean plans that are easy to use.


Only with a clear plan can one manifest something in reality.

We are here to help you create the home of your dreams.

     We Provide:

  • Custom Home Design

    • Construction Documents

    • Custom Interior Elevations for Architectural Details

    • Material Selection Services

  • Renderings

  • 3D Design 

  • As-Built Plans of Existing Structures

    • Extensive Renovations​

  • Free Standing Structures:

    • Garage

    • Studio​ / Workspace

    • Guest / In-Law Cottage

    • Efficiency Apartment

  • A set of Construction Documents Include:       

    • Cover Sheet

    • Code Compliance specification sheets

    • House placement on surveyor provided site plan

    • Exterior Elevations

    • Foundation plan

    • Floor Plans

    • Roof plan

    • Cross Sections of stair and garage

    • Schematic Electrical Plans

  • Additional Plan Options Available for Multiple Build Sets

  • Maintaining Builder Portfolio's

  • Production Style Master Plan Sets

  • Townhouse Design

  • Townhouse Group Elevations & Foundation Plans



Genuine Designs is a full service residential design and drafting company located in Brevard, NC.  Established in 2006 we provide custom home plans for Asheville, Hendersonville, Arden, Mills River, Cashiers, Sapphire, Highlands, Black Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro and WNC.  We do custom homes in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Idaho, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and along the Eastern United States.  We provide affordable drafting services and design custom homes in a variety of different styles.  We provide Architectural Plans and Construction documents for custom homes and do local renovations.

The process will be similar to the following:

Retaining our services and getting on our work schedule requires a signed contract, outlining the scope and cost of the project, and a 25% (non-refundable) retainer.  Our contract encompasses a four - tiered process and payment plan.  Allowing clients to sign-off, as we progress through the different phases of development.

Initial Consultation: Getting the Process Started

This is a brief 15-20 minute consultation to discuss the basic scope and budget for your project.  Once the general question's are answered (square footage, style of home/level of finishes, numbers of bedrooms/bathrooms and types of living spaces needed) we will generate a proposal based on your wants and needs for you to review. 


Once a proposal/contract is signed and the non-refundable retainer is received, we will schedule you for an expanded consultation (to clarify direction and start talking specifics).


Phase I: Expanded Consultation / Clarification


This is where we expand upon the basic questions and get into the specifics. This phase begins with an in-office or teleconference consultation that typically lasts from 1-2 hours. Client inventories are collected and reviewed.  Specific wants and needs are identified and ideas are exchanged, to formulate a design concept that is complementary to your lifestyle.   


Phase II: Conceptual Designs    

A conceptual floor plan is created and reviewed with the client.  We prefer to meet, face to face in our Brevard office whenever possible.  However, we often collaborate using pdf's via email and video conferencing to discuss client's thoughts about the designs.  Especially for those clients that live out of state.  Plans are reviewed, changes are made, and the process repeats until everyone is pleased with the design.


Phase III: Design Development                                              

Once the floor plans have been approved, we will begin creating the exterior elevations. This phase is also a collaborative effort with some back and forth.  As the design expands to include the exterior elevations and electrical consideration, we are moving away from the conceptual into the solidification of the final design.  Once the floor plans and elevations for the final design are agreed upon, we move onto completing the construction documents (the final phase).  

Phase IV: Construction Documents                                      

This is the phase in which all of your designs are transformed into a working set of construction drawings. This will include all necessary information for bids, permits, ordering and construction. All interior details and specifications will be added and the plans will be reviewed for accuracy. This is the final phase.

After Plans are Completed: 

  • We will present you with 2 full size sets of plans for your builder.

  • If our Material Selection Service is requested, we will begin the process of putting together various options for your home and schedule times and dates to visit local showrooms and interior designers that we have developed relationships with over the years.  

    • Finalized selections will be presented to you, in both a pdf online format and a bound, color booklet for you to share with your builder and show friends.

  • Your builder and local permit office may not require a stamped set of engineered plans.  However, we highly recommend that your plans be sent to an Engineer prior to construction.  The typical cost is nominal and is well worth the added piece of mind.
  • We are available for continued consultation as needed, to help guide you through the building process and coordinate with your builder/contractor should a question arise.



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