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Owner and designer, David Sandlass has over 27 years of experience designing and drafting homes.  Over the years he has worked in an extensive range of disciplines amassing expertise within the field of design. Starting out as a party chief of a land surveying crew, he transitioned to leading the drafting department of a Baltimore, M.D. steel fabricator. Building on his experience, David evolved to drafting for a prestigious Maryland/D.C. Engineering firm.  Where he fine tuned his skills, working on projects that included local Cathedrals and the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.  


Aware of the diverse opportunities available in the field of design, David decided to branch out and become an independent contractor.  He spent time creating existing electrical schematics at a Chemical Plant before being sourced by the government to collaborate with engineers at Patuxent Naval Base in Maryland.  


His ability to critically think and the allure of creating balance, order and functionality within designs drew him to the field of Architecture.  In 1999, he was offered a chance to work for and be mentored by the owner and principal architect at one of Marylands' premier Residential Architecture firms in Ellicott City, M.D.  Greatly influenced by the illustrious career and design expertise of his mentor, David was determined to advance within his field.  His achievements and ability to assimilate information quickly made it possible for him to advance to project manager.  Managing a solid portfolio of clients while overseeing a team of drafters made him realize that creating his own business was possible.

In 2005 David and his now wife Amy Biamonte, in pursuit of a simpler life, landed in the quaint mountain town of Brevard, N.C. Their love of the outdoors and the abundance of natural beauty made it a perfect fit and place to set down roots.  Shortly after arrival, Genuine Designs LLC, was established.  Today, David proudly celebrates over 17 successful years of business and has completed over 700 house plans, in addition to various other projects. Thousands of homes have been built using Genuine Designs' plans all over the country.  Including many locations within North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, California and Idaho.

His easygoing personality, work ethic and attention to detail has helped him maintain relationships with clients and professionals in his field.  He has a loyal and varied customer base and is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand.


With over 700 working plans completed, he has a strong sense of drafting, design and construction concepts.  He has developed a way to streamline his plans, to keep them clean and easy to interpret without compromising quality or detail. 

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