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What is perfection of lifestyle?  Even though perfection is subjective, having a life that flows seamlessly with its surroundings sounds perfect in essence.  A well-designed house plan that meets your wants and needs, while elevating your lifestyle is, in a sense, perfection. Here at Genuine Designs, we help you reach that perfection of lifestyle through our experience and dedication to home design. 

By answering some simple questions as we guide you through the home design process, we will create a set of custom house plans that compliment your lifestyle.  We utilize a series of checklists and inventories to gather information about our client’s lifestyle for direction.  From there, our plan prioritizes living spaces accordingly and creates a home design that suits the flow of your life. Whether creating space for productivity, creativity, gathering, exercise, sanctuary, rest or play we have you covered.  We listen, learn, create, and collaborate to design a house plan that will elevate your life. 

We use your project budget to determine the possible range of square footage to work within, based on the quality of details and finishes desired. A house plan that considers ones’ needs, sets the stage for a happy home.  Home is where the heart is and a lot of heart goes into creating a custom home.  

Let our experience lead you in the right direction. Hiring Genuine Designs  to help guide you through the process will pay for itself in the end. Our home designs and house plans speak for themselves.  As a small design and drafting company, we value customer service and give our clients the level of attention that they need. Genuine Designs always strives to create mindful home designs through collaboration that expands our clients’ vision and exceeds their expectations. 

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