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Over the years we have participated in some unique and interesting projects.  


Creating the construction set for the Calhoun St. Community Dock in Bluffton, SC is a fun project that we collaborated on in 2020.  


"Bluffton is a State of Mind" that we enjoy and are thrilled to be a small part of its' rich history. Creating a wonderful community space, for locals and tourists alike, to experience the cool breeze off the May River and enjoy the sites, sounds and activities of the waterway. It all blends in seamlessly with natural beauty of the area and honors the live oaks of the past by keeping them safe for the future.


We look forward to enjoying the Wright Community Park and Calhoun St. Dock, whenever we are in the area and hope you get the chance to experience it too. 





Bluffton, SC



The construction set for this community dock  in Bluffton, SC was drafted by Genuine Designs LLC.  We design and create custom homes plans in throughout South Carolina.  This is an example of a unique project that we worked on.  We also design and draft custom homes in NC, VA, DE, SC, MD, NJ, NY, ID and GA.

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