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The allure of clean lines, the sense of peace created within order and simplicity of design.  The modern house plan is an efficient, streamlined use of space with mindful architectural details that balance and meld into the design.The modern house plan is a fluid expression of industrialization, utilizing structure in design. Highlighting the innovations of steel, concrete and glass to create a clean, simple aesthetic.  A true manifestation of functionality, with the potentiality of blurring the line between complementary architectural styles and embracing the superlative elements of minimalism, contemporary and industrial chic. 

The modern house plan design is a geometric homage to the rectangle and its parallel horizontal and vertical lines.  It includes expansive and impressive amounts of glass, blurring the line between within and out.  Welcoming, open living spaces with high ceilings, clean lines of sight and expansive views. Protected by a roofline that dances with the sun throughout the seasons to counter the changing temperatures. The modern home is an evolving expression of style.   

Creating custom, luxury house plans that blend modern designs with regional mountain flavor in WNC has been a rewarding experience.  Embracing the abundance of beauty within the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have been inspired to create luxury modern house plans warmed with mountain charm.  From expansive luxury house plans designed to perch on top of the mountain to bask in the splendor of views to low impact, small footprint mountain modern house plans that are nestled within the understory, embraced by nature.   

When designing small impact, luxury house plans we incorporate high end finishes, mindful architectural details and creative uses of space to produce an air of opulence. Our team strives for a modern house plan design that is as fluid as the surrounding terrain. We have an abundance of natural beauty and protected wilderness in WNC. Designing with the steep terrains, flowing rivers, waterfalls and biodiverse forests in the equation, is exciting and challenging.  

We love where we live and are happy to help others live the dream too.  Genuine Designs can design a luxury house plan with a mountain feel that has all the comforts of a modern home.  

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